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Hi, I’m Courtney.

A little back story, for as long as I can remember, I struggled with drugs and alcohol, and I was VERY good at hiding it. I threw myself into every available activity; from athletics, to student government, to academics and even church. I volunteered and mentored, and excelled at most. I attempted to cover up the shame I felt amidst the ongoing internal struggle to coexist here in this life. I felt stuck, lost, and often alone. I did everything I could to stay busy, mask the pain, and deny my truth. I enjoyed boozing and using and did it often in isolation, making sure the outside always looked perfect (or so I thought). I loved to escape, not deal, and towards the end, believed I had no way out. Until one morning, my husband found me in bed (alone), drinking whiskey out of a coffee mug, in my pajamas. And a decision had to be made- was I to get clean, enjoy my life, my marriage, my future? I didn't know how to love myself, to give of myself, to BE myself. But I wanted that, more than anything. And so that's what I did, with the help of my superstar husband, who has always seen more in me than I ever could, and thus, made a choice to show up here in this life.

I am now clean and sober, happily married, and a grateful mother to two daughters. I write about my journey to healing, and share research based tips, graphs and holistic approaches that I have discovered and tested in my own life.

Today, you will find me chasin’ after Jesus, my two little girls, and my PhD. I love to do yoga, lift weights, and am working on my first book. Cheese burgers are my jam, as are leopard pajamas and a hot cup of tea.

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Perhaps our lives look different, but you and I are actually VERY much alike. You see, we are all struggling to show up each day; whether it be as career women, stay at home moms, or single ladies just searching to find our place in this world. My goal is to lift you up in your journey + remind you that whatever you are facing, you are never alone in this messy life, the life I refer to as 'Mombo Jombo.'