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Empowering Children with Their Boundaries

I recently went LIVE on Instagram to chat about how to better support children in their boundaries (and what that actually looks/sounds like on a day to day basis). I shared some of my own personal examples and reasoning behind why I don’t believe in forcing our children to share, hug, or apologize. If this is something that has you looking at me side ways (I see you!) stick with me for a moment and listen to the audio version, linked in this post:

Children: Tantrums + Boundaries

It isn’t easy when a baby becomes a walking, part talking, unpredictable ball of energy. Being a present parent through the ride is hard and so many questions can arise on the journey: how do I respond without snapping? Should I punish when they act out? Will giving them what they want help to prevent a meltdown? I address these concerns and much more in this week’s blog post:

Parenting Reads

I have personally found a few books in particular to be extremely helpful in my own journey as a mother. Parenthood can be one of the most overwhelming, confusing, trigger- inducing experiences. Reading allows us the opportunity to gather information that we can apply into our own families, reflect on the behaviors or patterns we want to release, and step into the caretaker we were destined to be. I believe that doing this healing work will bring joy back to your family, ignite confidence in your leadership, and make sense of the confusion you carry. I hope you continue to heal so that your children won’t have to. In no particular order, here are my favorite parenting reads that will help you do just that.

5 Tips for Working Moms Who Want to Create More Time + Happiness

As a busy woman, it is often hard to imagine having it ALL- a strong marriage, raising grounded and healthy children, and success inside a career. More times than not, you'll hear working women say "there isn't enough hours in the day to get it all done," or "I wish there were two of me." The good news is, there is no need to continue feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and quite frankly- unhappy. After feeling time and time again like I was being continuously washed away by life, I decided it was time to make a change. Here are my 5 tips to create more time, and ultimately more happiness in your life.

What my second child is already teaching me

When I had my first daughter, I was so anxious and worried all the time. I didn't have the confidence as a mother yet, and focused a lot of energy on getting her into a routine. I stressed whether I was doing "it right," and each day felt like a such a blur. Now with my second just two weeks old, I'm already realizing how different it is. She's teaching me a lot!

Tv Mayhem

As if the holiday season isn't stressful enough, right before Christmas time our main living room tv went out. (Insert pandamonia, anxiety, and "holy shit I forgot to DVR RHOC!") It had been coming for quite some time, as on occasion the sound or picture would break up.