My Personal Anxiety Remedies

My Personal Anxiety Remedies

1. Body check: Perhaps the most obvious is this one! Get outside. Go for a walk. Hit up a yoga class. Get into your body and find an outlet for the stored up energy. Work up a sweat so you can release those natural endorphins- which will immediately help lighten your mood and bring whatever it is you are worried or stressed out about down a notch. You may not feel like doing it right away, but you will be glad once it's done. I promise. 

2. Quiet the chatter: It is SO easy to get consumed and overwhelmed by outside chatter. But how much of this is within your control? A lot! Simply turning off the TV, the radio, or putting your phone away can slow your racing thoughts and those inner anxieties. And if you're an avid reader like me, sometimes you will need to put down that book or article too and just shut off. Have you started implementing breathwork? It may be time. Try 5 minutes a day to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest network) to remind your body and mind that no threat is near and you are safe. A daily commitment can literally change your life.

3. Help someone: Maybe you can't get to the soup kitchen to serve meals or aren't able to donate a lot of time or money to a charity you love. But what about sharing a compliment with someone inside an elevator today? Or calling a friend and letting them know you were thinking of them? I have noticed any time I feel trapped inside a downward spiral, the first thing that takes me outside of myself is looking for opportunity to uplift someone else. Works every time. 

4. Speak up: Sometimes ALL I need is to know and feel that I am not alone.  That is really why I started my blog and social media platforms— to connect! But the only way I can connect with someone else is by having the courage to open up and share about my thoughts and struggles. Call a safe person you trust and talk it out. You will feel lighter guaranteed- just getting it out of your head and off your chest.

5. Ask yourself what you need:  Continuing a dialogue with your inner child will help you stay in tune with the root of your anxiety (often an unmet need). Maybe it is a warm meal, a hug, or just some extra sleep. Whatever it is, be sure to ask yourself honestly what you need and begin to give it to yourself guilt free.

6. Let natural supplements help: I have had a few of these on rotation for a while, and LOVE THEM. (Obviously speak to a doctor before taking anything.) Here are my favorite go-to supplements for anxiety: (I do not make any commission off these links!)

Sun Potion Ashwagandha Powder

Sun Potion Mucuna Pruriens Powder

Four Sigmatic Reishi Elixir

5 HTP Pill Supplement

CALM Magnesium Drink Supplement

Valerian Root Extract

7. No caffeine after 12:00. I usually wake up at 5am to write, I head to my workout at 6am, and am back to get my daughters fed and off to school. So by 3pm I usually need a “pick me up” to get me through to bed time— and is usually why I pour myself another cup of coffee. However I found the caffeine intake that late in the day would increase my chances for anxiety at night, when I needed to slow down and rest. I have been off the afternoon caffeine kick for about 2 months and can honestly say my sleep is so much better, as is any lingering anxiety that can creep in after a long day. If I do need a little something, I grab a Lion’s Mane or matcha tea (I make both at home with delicious coconut milk).

I share these with you as a reminder that you aren’t alone, and to not be afraid to find tools to aid you in your anxiety struggles. While I do believe your journey to healing will free you from a lot of the anxiety you face today, there is also nothing wrong with taking the help you can get along the way. Please also note, I am not against antidepressants prescribed by a trusted doctor. There is nothing to be ashamed of by taking these as well when you need to.

Yours in healing,


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