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The Sober Truth About Sobriety

This time last year I realized something. I was condemning myself for not doing all the things I thought I was suppose to do to stay sober. I wasn’t reading sober literature. I wasn’t attending meetings. I wasn’t sponsoring other alcoholics. And then it happened— while I no longer feared losing my sobriety, I feared what I was taught in AA, that I would lose the life I had worked so hard to create. I began feeling not good enough. I felt like I was failing. Not measuring up. Not checking off all those boxes. Was I a sober fraud?

I see you

I see you. Sitting there, reading this... searching diligently for the sign or phrase I've written to help clearly determine if you have an addiction problem. I was you. I get it. 

Let's Talk Heroin.

HEROIN. It can be such a scary word. When I first heard about it, I assumed it was used by homeless dead beats living under bridges. It just goes to show how some personal life experiences and education can change a persons perspective real quick.