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Boundaries + Family

A few weeks ago I took over Dr. Cloud’s Instagram page to share some insight on the topic of Boundaries with Family. I covered how to identify, communicate and maintain boundaries with those you love most. Dr. Cloud has been a mentor of mine for years, and is the author of two of my favorite books (Boundaries + Safe People). In this post, I recap some major takeaway points and also include the video for you to watch + share.

Children: Tantrums + Boundaries

It isn’t easy when a baby becomes a walking, part talking, unpredictable ball of energy. Being a present parent through the ride is hard and so many questions can arise on the journey: how do I respond without snapping? Should I punish when they act out? Will giving them what they want help to prevent a meltdown? I address these concerns and much more in this week’s blog post:

Safe People

We are hard wired for connection. But what happens when those you are in relationship leave you feeling confused, discouraged and grabbing for your old armor? In this post I will share with you why safety in relationships is so important, the red flags to spot, and a self inventory list that you can use to assess your current traits so that you can continue growing + authentically showing up as a safe person for those you love.

What I've learned after 1 year on Instagram

I just celebrated 1 year on Instagram. One year since I decided to lean into an unknown space, take a chance on myself and my work, and hit "publish" on my first post. It was a quote by Maya Angelou that reads "there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,” which is the “why” of why I started an IG page. It has been a mountain of learning; about myself, my balance and boundaries, and it’s been a gift of finding supportive folks to connect and work alongside.
Here are a few things I have learned along this crazy journey that I wish I would have known from the start:

My last will + testament

With Christmas fast approaching and the hustle and bustle of holiday festivities, this was the last thing I wanted to finish. But it needed to be done as in the blink of an eye- life can change and I could be gone. My husband urged me to share it with all of you, and so here it is. I hope it encourages you to write a few things down for your loved ones too.

Hitchhiking home

My girlfriend texted me one night last week asking for my help in praying for her grandmother who had dementia and was missing. The city's police ground and helicopter officers were all searching yet hadn't been able to locate her.