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True Self vs. False Self

Our false self serves a tremendous purpose. It is created through a desire to survive and includes a set of skills that are rooted in the responses of fighting, fleeing or shutting down. These reveal themselves in your everyday life, and are often what is holding you back from taking that next step in your healing. In this post I share a list of the most common skills and how to begin the shift towards AWARENESS so you can lay that old armor down for good and allow your true self to shine.

For the recovering "people pleasers"

Do you struggle with the disease to please? What about resentments building up because others around you just won’t do the work? Maybe you feel guilty that you are leaving loved ones behind on your healing journey? You aren’t alone. Recently I went LIVE on Instagram to talk all about this, and the powerful conversation was too amazing not to recap.

The "Mother Wound"

The relationship with your mother is often the first. It sets the tone for how you think, communicate and interact with yourself and the world around you. A mother’s role is to nurture, protect, empower and ultimately set free her child. What happens then if one of those needs isn’t fulfilled? Enter— the Mother Wound.

My Favorite Habit Hack

Habits play a huge part in healing. Old patterns and behaviors can hold you back from showing up as your best self, without you even knowing it. Just the thought of breaking old habits can feel daunting, discouraging and overwhelming, forcing some people to quit before they even begin. Today, I share with you some basic tools to rewire your brain and how doing so will reshape your future.

Inner Child Work- Where do you start?

“What are wounds? How do I know where to start? And all this inner child work sounds really kooky.” I get it. I remember when I first heard the terms “re-parent” and inner child,I laughed out loud. The thought of a little girl living inside of me sounded ridiculous. But once I started to tune into her, to allow her time and space to open up, my healing TOOK OFF. Interested in learning more? Continue reading below…

Journal to Heal

Journaling is more than just writing out thoughts and ideas. The practice of writing can literally change your life. Research shows that writing things down is a powerful tool to rewire your brain. Problem here is, most of us don’t take the time to write, and if we do, we don’t stay consistent enough to allow this practice to become second nature.

Breaking Free From Old Patterns

Your choices and actions today are highly rooted in your childhood. Adults in your life directly shaped the adult you have become. But what do you do if the patterns of behavior, the ones you learned to survive as a child, are no longer needed? How do you break free? 

Hug it out

I hate hugging. In fact, I hate anyone within arms length of me. I'm not joking. It's as if I have this imaginary bubble around me that I don't want to share with anyone else.