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Parenting Reads

I have personally found a few books in particular to be extremely helpful in my own journey as a mother. Parenthood can be one of the most overwhelming, confusing, trigger- inducing experiences. Reading allows us the opportunity to gather information that we can apply into our own families, reflect on the behaviors or patterns we want to release, and step into the caretaker we were destined to be. I believe that doing this healing work will bring joy back to your family, ignite confidence in your leadership, and make sense of the confusion you carry. I hope you continue to heal so that your children won’t have to. In no particular order, here are my favorite parenting reads that will help you do just that.

I’m not a “mean mom,” just a tired one.

I recently attended a holiday party at a girlfriend’s. It was a moms night out that I really was looking forward to. These days, it takes a lot of energy to tuck the kids in, get myself out of yoga pants, and drive after dark. 

When I arrived I was surprised to not know any of the other women aside from the hostess. Other mommas were gathered at tables already engaged in conversation. I immediately felt myself tense up. I began to think: I should have stayed home.  I feel out of place.  And I’m too tired to make the effort to get to know anyone new.  

The "Clingy" Moments of Motherhood

It is really difficult to always like doing something that is exhausting, yet humbling. Motherhood is like working out at the gym; the getting dressed is hard. The getting in the car is hard. The walking into the gym is hard. The working out is really hard. But THEN once it's over, you feel SO good! Same with motherhood. The days are long, and hard, and once they are over- it feels like a damn good workout finished. A stretch of character. An accomplishment. A step of growth. 

Recent Happenings...

Happy New Year friends! Maybe you have been following this blog for a while, or perhaps we were recently brought together thanks to last Falls (ahhhmazing!) Palm Mom convention! If you attended, you should have received my FREE e-book titled "Moms and Mental Health: WHAT it is, WHY it matters, HOW to cope." Regardless, I am so grateful we have connected and I wanted to share with you a bit about the recent happenings over here at Mombo Jombo and upcoming ways you can get involved.

What my second child is already teaching me

When I had my first daughter, I was so anxious and worried all the time. I didn't have the confidence as a mother yet, and focused a lot of energy on getting her into a routine. I stressed whether I was doing "it right," and each day felt like a such a blur. Now with my second just two weeks old, I'm already realizing how different it is. She's teaching me a lot!

Doomsday o'clock

As a new mom last year, I couldn't get over the amount of times people would say, "oh just you wait." It was as if I should brace for impact, expect for it to get worse (if possible?), and hold on for dear life. Imagine feeling as if doomsday was lurking just around the corner, and I didn't have a shot in hell at out running it.