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Saying "no" with Kindness + Confidence

When folks begin to identify and understand their needs, they can then work towards communicating them to others. One of the first boundaries to embrace is practicing how and when to say “no.” Here it can become difficult as we are tempted to pick up old armor like people pleasing, perfectionism, and wanting to fit in at any cost. However in order to ensure your continued healing, learning to say “no” with confidence and kindness is key. Here I share 3 quick tips in setting limits:

Boundaries for the Beginner

I get asked a lot of questions on boundaries. “What’s the difference between being codependent and truly caring? How do I attract more people who respect my needs? When will I begin to trust my intuition? I dive into these and more to get you started on your boundary work.

My Personal Anxiety Remedies

I have always struggled with anxiety. I initially found relief through sobriety, and continue to maintain relief through my healing journey. Gratefully, I have tools today that I can turn to that I want to share with you. I keep them handy and force myself to use them even when I am not anxious. They are now apart of my healing routine.

Inner Child Work- Where do you start?

“What are wounds? How do I know where to start? And all this inner child work sounds really kooky.” I get it. I remember when I first heard the terms “re-parent” and inner child,I laughed out loud. The thought of a little girl living inside of me sounded ridiculous. But once I started to tune into her, to allow her time and space to open up, my healing TOOK OFF. Interested in learning more? Continue reading below…