I envy women who have sisters. I really do. There's something about a woman who has one. You can just tell.  

They are more confident. They need less. They understand the female breed better than anyone else because they grew up not only as one, but more importantly, alongside one.

They don't have to try very hard at friendships with other women, and tend to not worry or stress about making friends. They are secure in the one friendship they know will never leave their side.  

They have thick skin. You see, growing up with a sister means having been told every nasty, cruel and degrading comment or joke available before anyone else ever had the chance to. Sisters can fight hard, but they love even harder.  

Plus, there's an unspoken, built in support, trust, and foundation unlike any other.  

Need a therapist? They call sister. 

A maid of honor? Check.  

Someone to watch the kids? She's there.  

Not to mention having a sister means a bond that isn't damaged by distance, time, or mistakes. 

You don't want to mess with a gal who has a sister, or two, or three. If you hurt her, you'll get the wrath of her sister(s) ten fold. Sisters are like that. They may go to battle with eachother often, but mess with one of their own, and you'll have hell to pay. 

It's pretty incredible actually, the sisterhood dynamic. I've worked hard at creating my own tribe of sisters, as I was cursed/blessed with two brothers, but it's just not the same. 

I envision sisters growing up together swapping and fighting over clothes, experimenting with makeup, and talking about boys once the lights went off. Braiding each others hair, scratching each other's eyes out, and maybe sneaking out to that forbidden house party together.

A woman who knows you before the changes and challenges of careers, marriages, and kids. They walk with you through the mistakes and regrets, and help to push you past all the heartaches and pain. A constant cheerleader to propel you forward towards your goals and dreams... a woman who celebrates all the joys and accomplishments alongside you in this crazy journey called life.

Ahhh to have a sister, to be a sister. 

If you have a sister, show your gratitude for her today. 

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Screw the pursuit of happiness

Screw the pursuit of happiness