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The Sober Truth About Sobriety

This time last year I realized something. I was condemning myself for not doing all the things I thought I was suppose to do to stay sober. I wasn’t reading sober literature. I wasn’t attending meetings. I wasn’t sponsoring other alcoholics. And then it happened— while I no longer feared losing my sobriety, I feared what I was taught in AA, that I would lose the life I had worked so hard to create. I began feeling not good enough. I felt like I was failing. Not measuring up. Not checking off all those boxes. Was I a sober fraud?

#Voices Project

Part of my mission is to align myself with other individuals who seek to share their own stories to fight back against the shame and stigma that society tends to place on addicts, and Ryan Hampton is one of those people. If you aren't familiar with him, he is sort of a ROCK STAR in the recovery world.

Heart Gifts

I'm learning to love myself more, by sharing myself with you. That's the beauty in the ashes, the silencing of the shame. It happens amidst the share, not in spite of it.

I see you

I see you. Sitting there, reading this... searching diligently for the sign or phrase I've written to help clearly determine if you have an addiction problem. I was you. I get it. 

Let's Talk Heroin.

HEROIN. It can be such a scary word. When I first heard about it, I assumed it was used by homeless dead beats living under bridges. It just goes to show how some personal life experiences and education can change a persons perspective real quick.