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Empowering Children with Their Boundaries

I recently went LIVE on Instagram to chat about how to better support children in their boundaries (and what that actually looks/sounds like on a day to day basis). I shared some of my own personal examples and reasoning behind why I don’t believe in forcing our children to share, hug, or apologize. If this is something that has you looking at me side ways (I see you!) stick with me for a moment and listen to the audio version, linked in this post:

Guided Breathwork for the Beginner

Breathwork can seem a little odd, for the beginner anyway. Why would be need to “learn” how to breathe? Don’t we do this automatically? Well, yes and no. Most of us are stuck in a response of flight or fight, and our body will stay here until you remind it that a threat/danger is no longer present. This is where breathwork comes in. In this post, I share with you the method I use everyday, the benefits of this conscious breathing, and a link to a meditation I created for you to get you started on your own practice.