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Love Detours

I had a friend call last week and share with me her recent heartache. She is going through a breakup, has to find a new job, home and start over.  "I want to be like you. You radiate confidence. You walk into a room and seem to have it all together. How do you do it?” she said. I suppose it's easy to think that way, after all I am happily married, have two healthy children, a growing career and am grateful to be building a new home. But I quickly chuckled and reminded her that I rarely "have it together," despite how it may seem. I then went into detail about the brokenness of my past and the time that I too, had my heart broken. 

Hitchhiking home

My girlfriend texted me one night last week asking for my help in praying for her grandmother who had dementia and was missing. The city's police ground and helicopter officers were all searching yet hadn't been able to locate her.