We Recover PROJECT

We Recover PROJECT

Hi Mombo Jombo family,

I wanted to inform you of a new project I am spearheading, and am praying that you will help me out!

It is a follow up column to the series on Addiction that was just completed last month in The Jupiter Courier Newsweekly and TC Palm platforms. While this previous series worked to shed light on those struggling inside addiction, the NEW series will highlight those living in RECOVERY. 

It will be titled WE RECOVER.

The mission is still the same: to continue the good work to BREAK the SILENCE on Mental Health issues and fight against the stigma and shame surrounding those who suffer.

So this is where YOU can help-

I am looking for individuals to feature in this upcoming column.

Criteria is as follows:

  1. In RECOVERY for a mental health disorder. These include: Anxiety, depression, bipolar, addiction (substance use disorder), OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, just to name a few.
  2. Currently SERVE/WORK in Palm Beach County; preferably passionate about and/or hold a career position inspired by your mental health journey and a desire to help others find recovery. 
  3. Must be willing to meet with me for an interview, provide a photo, and sign a release (for digital and print publications) for a personal story that I will write up on YOU regarding your journey (then + now).
  4. Motivated to join me in this MISSION to fight the STIGMA + SHAME surrounding Mental Health disorders.

*PLEASE forward this to anyone you believe fits the above criteria.

If you or someone you know fits the criteria, please submit the following to Courtney@MomboJombo.org

  • Name/location
  • What you are in recovery for (please provide a small summary), 
  • Job title/description and what you currently are doing to serve others,
  • WHY you believe YOUR story will help this mission.

I  am currently taking submissions and setting up interviews.

Thank you + remember...

Keep showing up!

Courtney at MomboJombo


My last will + testament

My last will + testament

Loyal to a fault

Loyal to a fault